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Whether you are starting a new business, establishing a non-profit, or you have been around for years, Keshya Tech is here to help you achieve growth through a stunning website and proper Internet marketing.

We have worked with businesses that are literally just getting started with little budgets to businesses that have been around for years and have budgets to match.

We have worked with large and small budgets, no client is too big or too small. Our teams of technologists, strategists and designers deliver powerful IT driven business solutions.

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Digital Transformation

The world of software development and IT Services can be alienating to those new to it. We understand that. Whether you know exactly what you need or you are a complete newbie to digitisation, we’re here to help you find your perfect IT solution.
At Keshya Tech, our focus is on providing you with the best-in-class software solutions for your digital needs.

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Industies we provide services to
From automotive and manufacturing to banking and financial services, Keshya Tech has helped many clients in industries like health, Hitech, entertainment, public sector, consumer packaged goods, and even services upscale their operations with our digital services.
The Automotive and Manufacturing industry is the pedestal of a country’s development and we stand at the first to contribute to the nation’s development.
As BFSI illustrates an extensive portion of the multi-billion dollar Indian economy works as the spinal cord of our country. We with our technical expertise contribute to keeping it healthy and exceptionally functional
The communications, media, and entertainment sectors form the spine of today’s briskly growing information economy. We are serving several large brands to navigate and win new market share around.
When it turns to health we along with our immensely expert team are always available to hand out our best as we believe that developments can be done only with a healthy body and mind
To vie with your competitor and the world it is indispensable that you should think about innovation and new technology. We are the one who keeps our clients ahead.
We not only think about the private companies but also gives the innovative idea and serve the best to the public sectors like the military, infrastructure, education Health care, and more
We are not merely on the technical side rather we work very closely with the FMCG likewise, our experts from different parts of the country produce strikingly innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to let you lead in the market
We are a global software consulting firm, that offers deep expertise and a tailored approach to creating cutting-edge software solutions that deliver true business results and great customer experiences.

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Keshya Tech with its specialized team of strategists, technologists, engineers and designers is focussed on delivering IT-focused solutions in the form of CMS, ERP, Cloud Storage, and many more. Our primary goal is to provide customer-focussed personalised digital solutions.

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