Enterprise resource planning

Struggling with complex and heavy excel sheets of your company’s data? Your business has multiple teams and there is a communication gap between them? You manage most parts of the business yourself and sometimes are unable to remember everything and end up with a lot of daily fire-fighting?

If you answered yes for one or more of the above questions, then it is time to bring ERP software to your enterprise. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an integral part of doing business these days. While ERP softwares have been around for more than two decades now, where the older ERP suites were expensive and required several heavy and individual softwares, the modern ERP software is cost effective and helps your business become more agile, reduce redundancies and inconsistencies, helps you centralize operations and in doing so has a tremendous impact on boosting your business performance.

These days businesses have a lot of functions and it is extremely difficult to get all these functions on the same page. What ERP does is, it becomes the center of all your business operations and puts all your data in one place which you can share with your teams according to their need to know and bridge the gap between the communication of different departments. This helps you smoothen your entire process, gets rid of cumbersome filing, gives you and your employees more time to focus on the actual work and provide accurate and clear snapshot of your business at any given time.

The clarity that an ERP Software will bring to your business will help you make quicker decisions, on reliable and centralized data and also help you track the effects of your decisions much better. This means your business will be well suited to respond to market dynamics and your decisions will always be rooted in today’s reality. Furthermore, your employees will be able to react faster and your company will be able to operate in sync as a well formed unit.

Which business functions will benefit the most from ERP? ERP tends to have a positive impact on all business functions and thus an overall positive impact on business. To understand function wise impact read below:

● Finance: Instead of needing to scour through complex finance and accounting data, you will be able to get the overview and information that you need in a quick and easy to understand manner. Plus, your compliance work will also get majorly streamlined.
Operations: If you are a product company and need to track your supply chains, keep track of stock and logistics, then ERP will provide all that in one place and in real time. Complex operations will become simple routine affairs.
Human Resources: From keeping all your employee data in one place, to their performance to payroll management, everything will be streamlined to one place.
Sales: All your sales data, from product availability to customer funnel can be combined and tracked from one place. Helping optimize sales cost as well as targeting better leading to better numbers.

If you are confused if ERP is right for you, get in touch and we will be happy to help you understand how ERP can help fulfill your personal requirements.

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