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Are you looking to make your resources available anywhere anytime in today’s dynamic work environment? Are you looking to drive efficiency with Cloud Computing? Are you constantly worried about the security of your data?

It is time to shift to Cloud Computing or Internet-based computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing, simply put, is storing and accessing data, programs, softwares and more on remote servers on the internet instead of hard drives or local servers.
There many types of Cloud Computing services based on your requirements.

Why Cloud Computing?

– Instant Access:
Cloud computing ensures that you always have access to your data as long as you can connect to the internet, anytime, anywhere.
– Cost-Effective:
Cloud computing greatly reduces hardware cost. You don’t need to have any in-house storage equipment, and hardware is taken care of by the cloud service vendors.
-Scalable Solutions:
One of the biggest benefits of Cloud computing is that you can easily reduce or increase the resources in the cloud, and the number and size of servers based on your need, which means, you only pay for as much as you use.
– Reliability:
When you use cloud computing for your data, the data is stored in multiple servers, so if one server goes offline, you won’t lose any data as the virtual servers continue to get your resources from other servers.
– Security:
Data centers implement extremely stringent security measures on their servers, much more than one can ever do on a personal level, meaning clouds are much safer for databases.

Types of Cloud Computing we offer:

1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
When we say SaaS, it means, you need not install or maintain the software, but you can access licensed software freely on the internet. This means, the service provided is automatically updated and maintained. The beauty of SaaS is that most applications/services can be run directly from your browsers, which is why they are often also called Web-based software. Our SaaS applications are available Pay-as-you-go or on-demand, which significantly reduces your time and cost on applications.

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
PaaS is where we provide a platform/ environment for developers to build services or applications on the internet. As part of PaaS, we host both the hardware & the software on our infrastructure, saving you the hassle of having to invest in costly in-house hardware and software.

3. Infrastructure as a Service
In the IaaS service model, we outsource infrastructure, including network equipment, devices, databases, and web servers to help you run your operations smoothly. We have custom IaaS plans available based on your requirments.

4. Anything/Everything as a Service
Anything/Everything as a Service or XaaS is where we offer a turn-key compilation of the above mentioned services, along with some other services to fulfil all your requirements.

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