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As the age-old adage goes, Customer is King, however these days, it is not just about serving the customers there is so much more to it. While there are more things to do and more processes to follow than ever before, the right CRM makes your customer relations better than it was ever possible.

At its very core CRM or customer relationship management is about managing your current and prospective customers data in one place. Now you might be thinking I can do the same in excel or physical files but you would be wrong. What excel offers is just a fraction of what your CRM will give you.

Why do Companies need CRM software?

1. No bulky and confusing files:
You will not have to deal with heavy and cumbersome files. Second, unlike excel which requires formulas to unlock its full potential, a CRM is fairly easy to use and offers its full potential from the get go. Plus, while it is not tough to corrupt your entire excel file with just one wrong entry, your CRM is much more advanced and mistakes can be easily fixed.

2. Ease of Storage and Access of Customer Data:
Beyond excel, a CRM not only places all customer data in one place, it also allows you to store more details about customers than you thought possible. For e.g., if your old customer John comes to you for something, you can at one glance, easily check all his previous interactions with the company, his purchases, support tickets, everything. Now you are much better suited to serve John because you know what he likes and how to help him, he is also going to be happy because he will feel a valued member and not just a distant consumer.

3. Tracking Lead Progress Easily:
Similarly, if you are dealing with a prospective customer, let’s say Jane, you can track all your meetings with Jane in one place. Not just that all your communication with Jane can be done from one place. You can also set follow up reminders or even schedule reminder calls or meetings, simply and quickly. With the entire process streamlined, you have a much higher chance of successfully closing the deal, in lower time than you thought possible.

4. Organised Sales and Service Funnel:
Now that you have closed the deal with Jane, all your teams are already ready to help her with any requirements that she might have. Your marketing team can send her details on other products or services she might be interested in. Your support team can let her know they are available to help and also where she can find quick solutions to her questions. Your research team can contact her to ask her thoughts on her purchase and how it can be improved or even get her to register to try out new things in the future.

With CRM, the way you connect with your customers is fully transformed and the best bit, this is not just for big companies, even single person start-ups and home businesses have benefited greatly from CRM.

Features that make CRM so loved:

● All you customer data in one place
● Entire customer journey in one place
● Sales funnel and workflow in one place
● Customer interaction with multiple teams or people visible on one place

If you want to understand how CRM can fit your budget and help you grow your business contact us we will be happy to help you with a solution just right for you.

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