Quality Assurance & Testing

Just as Software Development is an integral part of what we do at Keshya Tech, we also recognise that the quality of the softwares provided also needs to be top-notch.

At Keshya Tech, you can avail our Quality Assurance Services regardless of whether it was our project or one done by someone else. Our team of experienced QA experts ensures that you get the best quality each time.

Service offered include:

– Functional Testing:
Part of Functional Testing is where we validate that the software meets all the functional requirements with key emphasis on UI (user interface), database management, cyber security, APIs, servers and other functionalities of the software or application

– Performance Testing:
Performance Testing is where we check whether the software is responsive, stable, and loading seamlessly and quickly. The goal is to offer you reliable, bug-free and intuitive applications.

– Security Testing:
This is where we check the possible vulnerabilities and security threats that may be present in the application by performing risk assessment and penetration testing to protect from hackers or other threats.

– Usability Testing:
Usability testing is done through user behavioural patterns’ assessment to weed out any usability issues in the product.

– Compatibility Testing:
This is where we test your software for compatibility on different devices, browsers, operating systems, infrastructures, display resolutions and more to ensure a seamless user experience.

– Mobile App Testing:
When you invest in a mobile app, the most important aspect of it is the security, multi-platform support and usability of it. To ensure that your dream app is secure and versatile, we perform both functional and non-functional tests along with automation.

– Automated Testing:
At Keshya Tech, we also help you come up with Automated Testing Solutions for your agile projects to help you speed up product releases and updates while saving cost.

Need to shift mid-project from another developer?
If you’re unsatified with your previous developer and want to make a switch to a reliable one, we’re here to help you switch to Keshya Tech.

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